B2E August 2020 Newsletter

In this monthly edition, take a look at our HR Transformation and Procurement Service Offerings and meet our B2E Principals in these areas – Ian Hicks and Stephen Green.  Read the latest blog from Marina Borozna on How To use Data Analytics To Thrive in a Crisis.

Follow the link to the latest very insightful report from the Institute of Interim Management for 2020, in which we were delighted to be placed in the Platinum category for the fourth year in a row – thank you for all the input you provided on our team which helped us to achieve this prestigious ranking.

We have similarly received excellent feedback on our Wednesday Webinar programme, and while we are taking a break for August, we are pleased to share the events already planned for September which you can register for now. And finally, don’t forget to update your details with us and review our latest consulting opportunities.

Service Offering – HR Transformation

B2E Principal Ian Hicks explains how the challenges facing HR Functions today are as great as ever, but so are the opportunities.  B2E Consulting places a strong emphasis on shaping HR Transformation within the context of the whole HR Function, its strategy and its real operational constraints, not just putting in a new system or reworking some key processes in isolation.

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Service Offering – Procurement

B2E Principal Stephen Green explains that Procurement is a strategic function working to improve an organisation’s profitability.

Successful implementation can help to streamline processes, reduce raw material prices and costs, and identify better sources of supply of both goods and services.

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How To Use Data Analytics To Thrive in a Crisis

Following on from her recent webinar, Marina Borozna proposes two complementary approaches for business leaders to navigate current challenges and use analytics to thrive in a crisis.

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IIM Survey : 2020 Results

Thanks to the support and input from our B2E Consulting community, we were placed #10 in this year’s IIM Survey. And Hugh Abbott was yet again named as one of the top interim consultant providers in the country. You can access the full report here.

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2nd September – The 7 Habits of Highly Resilient People

Simon Rickman will help us to understand and develop the key coping mechanism of resilience, a critical skill in these unprecedented times.


9th September – How To Start A Mobile Phone Network From Your Bedroom And Lose Out On £300m!

Sacha Visram will share his fascinating personal story of how he survived and thrived!


16th September – LIBOR (or LIE-BORE!) – The Truth About the ‘World’s Most Important Number’ 

John Martin  will discuss the impact of LIBOR no longer being available from Dec 2021. What will be the impact to you?


30th September – Improving Customer Service With AI Chatbots:

Liam Ryan from Creative Virtual will share live demonstrations of V-Person™ chatbots currently being used by organisations to provide successful customer self-service.


Time To Win A New Consulting Opportunity: September is the time to win a new consulting opportunity

The economy is picking up after the pandemic. The Government is pumping billions into stimulus packets. How can you benefit ? B2E has developed a methodology that helps you win consulting opportunities.
You will learn :

  • which opportunities to aim for
  • about the market for your skills
  • how to use LinkedIn to get opportunities

The methodology has been helping consultants win opportunities for 7 years. If you’d like to find out more please contact Hugh Abbott.

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