B2E July 2020 Newsletter

In this monthly edition, take a look at our Value from Technology and Enterprise Architecture Service Offerings and meet our two B2E Principals responsible for these areas – Simon Berkeley and Shahid Mahmood. Read the recent article from B2E Partner Julie Crawford who shares her Top Tips for Starting a Consulting Project During Lockdown.

Meanwhile, our “Wednesday Webinar” Events programme continues to grow and we have four further sessions planned for July. Do take the opportunity to sign up for these free knowledge-sharing webinars which provide pertinent case studies across current consulting areas. This month we have sessions covering: Benefits of a Successful Procurement Function; Introducing a Digital Solution into the NHS; Designing an Exponential Organisation and Gaining Productivity from RPA.

Please feel free to contact us if you would also like to lead your own session! And finally, don’t forget to update your details with us and review our latest consulting opportunities.

Service Offering – Value from Technology

B2E Principal Simon Berkeley explains how we help clients to review their IT capabilities and ensure they are set up for success.

He describes the assessment against current technologies and emerging trends, and how B2E (where necessary) re-aligns or transforms the IT function to enable it to meet the needs of the business, and harness the best of new technology

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Service Offering – Enterprise Architecture 

How can clients envision, plan, develop, and evolve their Enterprise Architecture to achieve tangible business outcomes ?

B2E Enterprise Architecture Lead Shahid Mahmood explains how – using an array of internal decision support tools, extensive business experience, subject matter expertise, architecture prowess, and technical consulting skills.

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Top Tips for Starting a Consulting Project During Lockdown 

B2E Partner Julie Crawford shares useful techniques for successfully integrating at a new consulting client project while working from home during the current lockdown period.

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1st July – Benefits of a Successful Procurement Function

Stephen Green will explain typical procurement challenges and key tips whilst providing an overview of a successful recent case study.


8th July – Introducing a Digital Solution into the NHS

Smriti Singh will talk about the work she has done with one digital provider to help them sell into the NHS.


15th July – Designing an Exponential Organisation

Tony Manley will examine some of the business design attributes that are common across successful 21st century organisations and how to apply them.


22nd July – Gaining Productivity from RPA

Hugh Abbott, Marcel Horst & Tomas Sterner will share their experiences and examples of some of their successful RPA projects .


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