B2E June 2020 Newsletter

In this monthly newsletter edition, take a look at our Corporate Strategy and Commercialising Finance Service Offerings and meet our two B2E Principals responsible for these areas – Andrew Turner and Mike Thompson.

We are also continuing our very successful virtual ‘Wednesday Webinar’ Events Programme. To date between 30-50 consultants have attended each of our informative free sessions.

Take the opportunity to sign up for our 3 forthcoming June webinars : Big Data for Big Assets, Evolution of Blockchain & Organisation Design in the New World, or contact us should you wish to lead your own session.

Check out our free Role Xchange consulting opportunity search service. And finally, don’t forget to update your details with us and review our latest consulting opportunities.

Corporate Strategy – Service Offering

B2E Principal Andrew Turner explains how the well executed Strategic framework is at the core of all successful companies. When successfully implemented and understood, it acts as the touchstone for decision making and the glue that binds individuals into high performing teams and those teams into an aligned and purposeful entity.

Read about B2E’s extensive expertise from strategic and transformational programmes for blue chip companies and public sector organisations.

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Wednesday Webinar 3rd June 12.30pm 

Our first June webinar led by B2E Principal Simon Berkeley addresses Big Data for Big Assets – Using Data & Analytics to Improve Asset Performance“. Do join us as  Simon examines the forces at work in asset-intensive businesses that impede the take-up of new tools and analytics, and talks about addressing the challenges.


Commercialising Finance Service Offering

B2E Principal Mike Thompson explains that to achieve high performance in a challenging global market place, companies are more and more looking to their finance function for commercial insights to support business success.  Read about how Commercialising Finance Services can help different organisations.

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Wednesday Webinar 10th June 12.30pm

Later in the month, B2E Principal Aruna Koya leads a webinar on “Evolution of Blockchain – And How to Benefit.”

Join Aruna to learn more about the global adoption of Blockchain, developing trends and how you could benefit.


The B2E Role Xchange Will Help Expand Your Search For Opportunities

Utilise the B2E Role Xchange to find your next opportunity.  This is our completely free search service which identifies relevant interim consulting opportunities across the UK by screening the major UK Job-Board sites (not just those opportunities that we offer at B2E Consulting).

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Wednesday Webinar 24th June 12.30pm

Many of you will recall B2E Principal Ian Busby’s very useful webinar in April which focused on Government Support for Consultants.  Towards the end of June, do join Ian for his next very timely webinar which will examine Organisation Design in the New World.


Update your Consulting Profile

Take the opportunity to review the consulting profile you have registered with us and to update your latest details. We may have an old copy of your profile which does not reflect your recent projects and achievements.

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