B2E May 2020 Newsletter

Welcome…. to the latest monthly update from the B2E Consulting team. In this edition read our recent article about the actions we are taking as a business during the Covid-19 pandemic. Take a look at the useful IR-35 Q&A from QDos and sign up for our forthcoming webinars.

Read about our Business Wide & Digital Transformation and Supply Chain Service Offerings and do take this opportunity to update your details with us. And finally, we would be very grateful if you have the time to provide your feedback about us via the latest IIM survey.

Facing Covid-19

Read B2E Partner Maninder Murfin’s article featured last month in online publication Consultancy.  UK about the operating strategies we are employing here at B2E while dealing with the business challenges of Covid-19 and associated changes to IR-35.

Read about B2E’s vision and working model that we have adapted to the recent challenges.

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Questions on IR35 Delays?

Our friends at QDos Contractor answer some of the latest questions resulting in the recent announcement of the IR35 delays.

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Service Offering: Business Wide & Digital Transformation

B2E Principal Nigel Hall explains how B2E can address business wide transformation needs encompassing Transformation strategy, design, development and execution.

He clarifies that organisations need greater degrees of agility both in terms of the customers’ experiences, including the processes that underpin those experiences while ensuring their organisations can respond quickly and more effectively to change.

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Webinar: Harness AI Without Writing Code

Learn how you might harness AI without writing a single line of code! Marina Borozna shares her experience implementing AI solutions for Big 4 Consulting and global pharmaceutical organisations.

Come to the webinar on Wednesday 20th May 11am and understand :

– where to apply AI
– how to choose off-the-shelf AI solutions
– implement AI solutions

This zoom webinar session is designed to get you thinking.


Service Offering: Supply Chain

B2E Principal Mark Fogerty introduces the wealth of Supply Chain expertise B2E has with Blue Chip companies on improvement change projects and transformational programmes.

He describes experience right across the Supply Chain from rapid opportunity assessment, through modelling and detailed design to implementation and delivering ongoing improvements.

B2E Events

While we are currently not running any face-to-face events, we have a programme of webinars which we are regularly adding to.  These are covering specialist consulting content areas, as well as professional topics of use to our consulting community.

Please keep checking our Events Pages accordingly and see our LI Pages for video content from previous sessions.

Update your Consulting Profile

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