B2E October 2020 Newsletter

In this monthly edition, take a look at our ‘Operating Model‘ and ‘Value From Technology‘ Service Offerings and meet our B2E Principals in these areas – Nathan Allchin and Simon Berkeley.

We have two very interesting free webinars taking place in October which you can sign up for, as well as one of our well-reputed CV Peer-Review sessions led by Hugh Abbott. And finally, don’t forget to update your details with us and review our latest consulting opportunities.

Service Offering – Operating Model

B2E Principal Nathan Allchin explains how businesses are rarely given the opportunity to stop how they operate today whilst building the runway for tomorrow.

He identifies some typical cases for change which often lead to questions around the Operating Model. And he shows how the Operating Model needs to be able to transition between the old and the new to facilitate change

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WEBINAR 7th October – Innovation for your services using TRIZ

Ketan Varia will show how TRIZ (the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) can be used for systematic innovation for new products and services.


CV Peer Review 15th October : Hugh Abbott

John Martin  will discuss the impact of LIBOR no longer being available from Dec 2021. What will be the impact to you?


WEBINAR 21st October – Security Advice to Home Workers

Dr John McCarthy will equip you with the skills to protect yourself and / or your business from cybercrime and attacks at a pivotal time for home working.


Service Offering – Value From Technology

B2E Principal Simon Berkeley explains how B2E works with organisations to assess capabilities in respect of current technologies and emerging trends, and – where necessary – re-aligns or transforms the IT function to enable it to meet the needs of the business, and harness the best of new technology.

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