B2E September 2020 Newsletter

We hope that you are all keeping well…
In this monthly edition, take a look at our Cyber Security and Data Strategy & Analytics Service Offerings and meet our B2E Principals in these areas – Dr John McCarthy and Alex McCallum.

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Service Offering – Cyber Security

B2E Principal Dr John McCarthy explains how executives and senior managers need to fully understand what cyber security is and how it impacts upon them and their businesses.

He outlines the 3 main B2E offerings in this space and how Cyber Security Strategic Consultancy; Cyber Security Workshops and Staff Development Information Security Assessment & Testing can provide business leaders with practical steps of incorporating good cyber security practices into their workplaces.

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9th September – How To Start A Mobile Phone Network From Your Bedroom And Lose Out On £300m!

Sacha Visram will share his fascinating personal story of how he survived and thrived!

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16th September – LIBOR (or LIE-BORE!) – The Truth About the ‘World’s Most Important Number’

John Martin  will discuss the impact of LIBOR no longer being available from Dec 2021. What will be the impact to you?

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30th September – Improving Customer Service With AI Chatbots

Liam Ryan from Creative Virtual will share live demonstrations of V-Person™ chatbots currently being used by organisations to provide successful customer self-service .


Service Offering – Data Strategy & Analytics

B2E Principal Alex McCallum explains how Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics are at the very heart of understanding current Business
Performance, determining future Business Strategy and shaping the Transformation.

Data Science or Analytics explores trends, while Insight Exploitation ensures that Insight usage is automated across all functions.

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