ERP Transformation

ERP Transformation Overview Business Transformation is at the heart of any major ERP implementation. Our proposition is to lead the transformation of people, process and technology across Finance, HR & Payroll, Procurement and Reporting. ERP Transformation Overview Business Transformation is at the heart of any major [...]

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Blockchain Overview Blockchain is an architecture design, that has been present for the last ten years, with Bitcoin, being the most well-known use-case.  More recently Ethereum has been the platform for implementation of B2C applications and services. This is not always ideal for B2B solutions, so Hyperledger was introduced last year by [...]

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Business Wide & Digital Transformation

Business Wide & Digital Transformation Overview Business Wide & Digital Business Transformation is now at the heart of most organisational agendas driven by the ever increasing challenges of disruption across every market & sector. The B2E Consulting Principal & Team have a wealth of capability & expertise gained over many years of [...]

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Data Protection Services

Data Protection Services Overview Our Data Protection Services can help businesses confidently manage their privacy risks, improving trust with customers and regulators at lower costs. These services are built around the strongest SME core available on the market, augmented by the 20,000 strong B2E Consulting Community. Data Protection [...]

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