What is the challenge?

Our client, one of the World’s leading “QuadPlay” media and communications companies, has initiated a programme to standardise and consolidate its Customer Contact Centre Technology platforms across Europe. As a result, the programme has kicked off one of the largest implementations of Cisco technologies in Europe (as well as implementation of other supporting technologies).

With over 20,000 users forecast to be using the end platform and >30% being UK based, a UK led programme was initiated as several countries technologies and support contracts were approaching expiration and a technology strategy was required to standardise operations, improve technology capability and reduce operating costs across Europe. The single multi-year roadmap to the target platform is a collapse of >50 legacy applications and 12 individual country technology roadmaps.


What is B2E doing?

B2E consultants are integrated across much of the Technology and Business Transformation programme; this is because we provide key expertise of the underlying technologies, ‘next generation’ contact centre experience/skills, fundamental programme/project management capabilities and people with the drive and motivation to deliver a highly complex and challenging programme, within the aggressive timescales and budget.

B2E Consulting is providing expertise in key change enablement areas including:
• Programme and Project Management,
• PMO, Planning and Governance
• Business Analysis
• Business and Technical Readiness,
• 3rd Party Supplier Management
• Solution Design and Technology Assurance

What are the outcomes?

This programme has a multi-year delivery timelines and B2E will continue to work closely with the client to deliver key programme milestones and ensure business value is created.

To date, B2E Consulting has led the discovery phase of the programme, producing a clear understanding of the ‘As is’ technology architecture across the European operating countries, high level target design for the future technology platform and initial development of the roadmap for transformation. The focus now shifts to high level / low level design of the target platforms, involving significant 3rd party liaison and technical assurance.
Moving into 2017/18, the programmes focus is on the rollout of the target platform across the European operating countries.