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In this webinar we can think about the future shape of work, not just post-21 June.


With B2E Consulting Principal for Development & CoachingSimon Rickman.

The Prime Minister gave us the ‘green light’ to get back to workplace on 21 June. But as businesses decide what to do next, they need to appreciate that everyone’s situation is unique. Some of their employees will be excited, elated, and desperate to return to the office; whereas others may be feeling confused, worried, and apprehensive….working from home has become their ‘comfort zone’. Everyone seems to be opting for the ‘hybrid’ office – but is this the best of both worlds?

In this webinar we can think about the future shape of work, not just post-21 June. We can explore some of the options. With a limited timeframe, we can only scratch the surface. It will probably leave you with more questions than answers. But we need to start facing those challenges now.

As one of my clients said last summer, “If you thought going into the lockdown was challenging, then wait until we come out of it. It will be even harder.” He was right. And there are no easy answers.

Using ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ as a framework, we will look at each of the ‘Habits’ to ask important questions such as….

1. When and how can we start the complex task of returning to workplace?

2. How do we prioritise what our workplace could and should look like?

3. Do our employees work in a ‘psychological safe’ environment?

4. How can we listen to our employees, so that some can continue to work remotely, and others can come back into the office?

Using a mixture of theory, videos and audience reaction, participants are left with some thoughtful and practical advice, which they can use to understand their own specific situation and manage their own level of risk.

Part 1 : 30th June 12.30pm.

Part 2: 7th July 12.30pm : Book here: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/157775228957


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