What was the challenge?

Our client, one of the largest financial regulatory bodies within the UK, required highly qualified consultants with substantial skills and experience to direct and deliver multiple individual projects throughout many facets of the business.

Each assignment was cited as being essential to the company’s wholesale efficiency improvement programme, yet specific areas requiring streamlining included:

  • The Central Business Analysis Team
  • The Risk Management Team
  • Technological and Architectural Services
  • IT Service Deliveries

Every task required expertise in delivering intricate projects to ensure that the appropriate methodology was consistently deployed, enabling the successful completion of operations. Consequently, our client stipulated a need for consultants with demonstrable track records implementing technical changes to large financial businesses.

What did B2E do?

Our client asked for was a range of personnel, requested individually and separately to assist with the delivery of various programmes and projects, in roles including: Project/programme design, implementation and portfolio management; Business analysis; Risk management; Capability development; and, Technological Design and Architectural Services

B2E Consulting provided 18 professionals, across 35 separate projects, to assist with the delivery of a range of business improvements, totalling approximately 2000 days of consultancy support over a 3-year period. Each consultant had highly-technical expertise to ensure the successful deployment of all changes made to our client’s business.

These included:

  • Directing the programme management of the Regulatory Supervision Project
  • Designing and delivering the HR Future Target Operating Model Project
  • Business Analysis across multiple projects
  • Supporting the company’s Risk Management team
  • Delivering efficiency improvements to both IT Service Delivery and Architecture Design Model

What were the outcomes?

B2E Consulting successfully delivered a diverse range of projects, all within agreed time and budget parameters. This was predominantly due to B2E’s ability to select the perfect candidate from over 16,000 consultants to fill our client’s specific requirements.

After the project’s completion, our client remarked that the specialised expertise of each professional enabled them to deliver their assignments with minimal guidance, thus ensuring the successful and efficient delivery of each major project at a fraction of the usual cost of employing a consulting firm.