What was the challenge?

Our client, the largest weekly payment retailer within the UK, sought to provide a rent-to-own proposition to their 200,00 credit-constrained customers across 240 stores. Their ambitious growth plans were dependent on the successful implementation of a new electronic point of sale system (EPOS).

Technical performance issues jeopardised the client’s continual business growth and consequentially, B2E were tasked with resolving all system defects, whilst simultaneously increasing the pace of change whilst reducing the cost of delivery. The client was without a CIO throughout the projects life cycle and therefore, direct engagement with the entire team of Executive stakeholders was required for the resolution of all complex decisions.

What did B2E do?

B2E strengthened the client’s programme delivery capabilities on a multi-stage project over the course of a year whilst continually responding to the evolving priorities of the client. The specificities of the methodological approach included:

Stage 1

  • Executing an extensive review of the client’s IT systems to determine all performance issues
  • Identifying short and long-term resolutions to these issues through client interviews of the Executive team, IT personnel and the incoming CIO

Stage 2

  • Implementing all system recommendations and improvements to enable augmented technical performance and the successful rollout of the EPOS
  • Developing a clear programme plan, including the creation of a financial model to improve ROI comparison of projects under consideration, in line with the client’s strategic intent

Stage 3

  • Delivering supplementary specialist companies to our client to ensure the smooth transition of technical changes into business operations
  • Responding to all additional client needs


What was the outcome?

The project culminated in the successful deployment of the transformed, fully scoped, EPOS system to the entirety of our client’s stores. All technical performance issues were resolved within pre-determined time and budget parameters and this directly led to the first major software release within the company, for two years.

Additionally, B2E successfully reduced the project management headcount by 50%, which dramatically improved the project’s cost of delivery and far exceeded client expectations.