What is the challenge?

This client is in a highly competitive and rapidly changing technology driven marketplace and vast sums are being invested in infrastructure across the industry to enable more UK households to access a range of digital services including broadband, TV, mobile phone and home phone services.  There is a race to ‘wire homes’ with the latest technology to allow high speed broadband to delivery increasingly rich media content and other digital services to UK households.

In addition, our client has established several supporting programmes to enable delivery of the new infrastructure and the associated customer propositions and support services.  These programmes include digital and website modernisation, future contact centre delivery and regulatory/compliance modifications.

What is B2E doing?

The Transformation Programme has impact right across the organisation.   Our consultants have been chosen for a very broad range of roles from Programming Managing portfolios of projects to junior roles within the Project Office

The size of the B2E Consulting Community, combined with our leading search capabilities, means that we have ready access to a wide variety of available, high calibre consultants.

Uniquely, all our team are ex consultants, collectively with over 200 years’ experience working with Top Tier Consulting firms.  As a result, we have a genuine understanding of business needs from a client and consultant perspective.  We deploy dedicated Account Managers to liaise with client management to help ensure there is a clear understanding of the role requirements.  Our team of Role Consultants identify and screen candidates to generate a short list that matches the client need and reduces time spent on interviewing.

What are the outcomes?

In approximately 3 years, B2E Consulting has helped a Major UK Telecoms Company source over 300 high calibre consultants to support their mission critical business transformation programmes.  By partnering with this client to provide these consultants, B2E has helped them save over £9m, compared to their alternative consultancy sources.