Understanding how B2E will pay you
Working as a B2E Employee
Understanding your payslip
Understanding your take home pay

Understanding how B2E will pay you:

How will I record my time

  • We will set you up on our time reporting system, which is very easy to use
  • At the end of each month, you will record the days you have worked and use the system to send them for approval

How are expenses dealt with?

  • You can also submit your expenses through the timesheet portal. All expenses will need to be approved in advance
  • Expenses are paid separately to payroll, so you will not have tax and NI etc deducted from them

When do I get paid?

  • At the end of each month, you will submit your timesheets. You will then be paid at the end of the following month
  • This means that for days worked in January, you will be paid at the end of February

Can I take Holiday during the assignment?

  • Any holiday will need to be agreed with your client directly
  • If your contract is very short (eg 3 months) it is likely that your client will assume that you will be working throughout, unless agreed up front (it is helpful to let us know of any holiday that you have planned so that we can discuss it with the client)
  • For a longer term contract, your client will understand that you will need to take holiday at some stage
  • Many clients are closed over Public Holidays, so it is likely that you will not be expected to work on those days (note that you will not be paid for any days you don’t work)

Are there other benefits such a car allowance, life insurance or

  • No, this isn’t something we can offer

Am I subject to the Working Time Directive?

  • Yes
  • The WTD stops people working over 48 hours a week (on average over 17 weeks) so a short burst of long hours e.g. over a go-live weekend, wouldn’t count)

Working as a B2E Employee:

Can you pay my PSC?

  • If the contract is offered as a FTC, this must be with an individual rather than a Ltd company
  • This means we pay your personal bank account, rather than your PSC bank account

What should I do with my PSC?

  • This depends on your personal circumstances. If you think there are likely to be other opportunities in the near future where you will be using it, then you can make it ‘Dormant’ until then – or you can close it down
  • Your accountant will be able to advise on this

What tax information do you need from my PSC or previous employer?

  • We will need a P45 with your tax code
  • If you don’t have a P45, you can complete a Starter Checklist (which B2E will provide) instead

How do I generate a P45?

  • You can ask your previous employer (or Umbrella company) to provide you with a P45
  • If you have been working through a PSC, your accountant will be able to generate this for you

Do I need professional indemnity insurance if I am employed by you as an FTC then placed at the client?

  • No, you will not need this insurance as it is covered by B2E

Can I opt out of pension contributions?

  • We have to deduct pensions contributions to our workplace pension from your first month’s salary. This will then trigger The People’s Pension (our pension provider) to send you a pack of information which will include details on how to opt out
  • Provided you contact The People’s Pension asking to Opt Out within 30 days of receiving their pack, all contributions made by you to date will be refunded in full
  • It is then up to you whether or not you put it into a pension plan

Can you pay into my private pension?

  • No, this isn’t something we can offer

Can I increase my pension contributions via salary sacrifice?

  • No, this isn’t something we can offer
  • If you want to increase your pension contributions, you can manage this directly with People’s Pension, but it will not be taken from your Gross salary

Will you be my named employer for mortgage / loan application eg if I have to refinance during this time?

  • Yes

Who provides me with technical equipment (eg laptop)?

  • The end client will provide this, as needed

Will you provide a B2E email?

  • No, not as standard
  • This can be arranged if this is something that you specifically need

What happens if the client wants a furlough period?

  • If the client wanted to have a furlough period this would be a period that would be unpaid

Understanding your payslip:

What do you mean by Gross Daily Rate (GDR)?

  • Gross daily rate is the gross rate that you will see on your payslip for every day that you work. B2E has already deducted Employers NI and Employers Pension contributions before calculating this rate.
  • The GDR includes a percentage for holiday pay, which is paid to you as it accrues at the end of each month
  • For example, if you work 18 days in a month, the gross amount on your payslip will be your GDR x 18.
  • From this amount, you will need to pay PAYE, Employees NI and Employees pension contribution

How is Employers NI & Employers Pension Contribution paid? And by who?

  • B2E pays these charges directly, in the same way that any employer does. They are completely outside of any discussions around your salary or GDR; you don’t have to consider them
  • An annual summary of Employers NI that has been paid appears on your payslip
  • You do not need to pay these out of your GDR/Salary

How do I pay my tax, Employees NI and Employees pension contribution?

  • B2E will manage this for you, and will deduct them at source from your gross pay
  • This means that the correct net amount will be paid (after taxes) into your bank account each month
  • You will see the details of all deductions on your payslip

Will I get paid for holidays?

  • For employees NOT on an FTC, B2E pays its employees for 5 weeks holiday and 8 days Public Holiday. This holiday is accrued each month that the employee works, and is held by B2E until the employee chooses to use it
  • Because of the short term nature of your FTC contract, this isn’t practical. Instead, B2E pays you for your holiday at the end of each month as it accrues, rather than holding it until you choose to use it
  • Your GDR INCLUDES a percentage to cover this accrued holiday pay
  • This means that you will only be paid for any days you work – if you take any days holiday, you will not complete a timesheet for those days and won’t be paid for them

Will I get paid for sick leave or SMP/SPP?

  • Yes, if you meet the requirements, (eg length of service) B2E will pay all statutory payments

Does B2E charge for PAYE?

  • Unlike Umbrella companies, B2E will not charge you for managing your PAYE
  • You are a genuine employee of B2E during the period of your contract

Please clarify the Pension Contribution amount?

  • B2E are only obliged to auto enrol consultants for qualifying earnings.  For the current tax year this is up to £50,000
  • There is a tax free allowance of £6,136, hence the pension contributions are worked out on the qualifying earnings of £43,864
  • This means that the 5% Employees Contribution is £2,193.20, and the 3%  Employers Contribution is £1,315.92

Understanding your take home pay:

How much will I get in my pay packet?

  • The absolute amount depends on your personal tax code
  • We strongly encourage all our consultants to use the HMRC calculator to understand their pay and tax. This tool enables you to enter your Gross Annual Salary (GDR x227) and your personal tax code and will calculate the NI and PAYE tax that will be deducted
  • If you use Gross Daily Rate (rather than Gross Annual Salary) in this tool, note that it calculates using 260 working days per annum, whereas the B2E Key Information Document calculates using 227 working days per annum, to account for assumed holidays taken (see above)

Why do you multiply GDR by 227 to get Gross Annual Salary?

  • B2E assumes that each employee will take 5 weeks holiday and 8 Public Holidays over the course of a year
  • This leaves 227 working days
  • If you take less holiday, or fewer days Public Holiday, your Gross Annual Salary will increase, because you are paid for every day that you work