What was the challenge?

Following the successful acquisition of the one of the world’s busiest airports, our client, a leading infrastructure investment corporation with over $40 billion assets under management across the globe, required experts to support the separation of the airport from its parent company.

It was imperative that the migration strategy was planned and executed with meticulous precision to ensure day-to-day operations were not impacted by the transition of technical processes to new digital systems. Our client required consulting support to manage multiple aspects of the transformational programme which would ensure the migration of activities from a shared service centre to their own private systems.

What did B2E do?

B2E Consulting performed a crucial role in delivering multiple aspects of our client’s technical operations, ensuring the stable transition of digital systems post-acquisition. Specific management responsibilities encompassed:

  • Developing and directing a secure technical strategy to ensure the successful transition of 35,000 people from the airport system data base
  • Driving transformational IT change with full staff, P&L and capital budgeting responsibility of £25 million reporting to the CIO
  • Designing and directing a digital training programme enabling progress excellence amongst key users
  • Identifying the critical finance and procurement processes
  • Development of the RFP for the target state finance and procurement Systems
  • Human Resources and Payroll transformation
  • Business analysis/process improvement

What were the outcomes?

The success of the post-acquisition, stabilising project was significantly aided by the substantial technical and management expertise of B2E individuals. Specific outcomes which were cited as being fundamental to the transformation programme’s effective implementation included substantial efficiency savings to the airport partners by altering the technical delivery approach and by developing strategies for new Knowledge Management solutions.

In addition, B2E Consulting was a fundamental part of developing the airports 5-Year IT transformational strategy.