What was the challenge?

Our client is the world’s foremost five-star luxury hotel company with iconic properties in some of the World’s most exciting cities. Their vision is to become the ultimate hotel management company, with a passion for excellence and innovation, honouring the individuality and heritage of their iconic hotels.

Whilst this company operates some of the most prestigious properties in the world even they are not immune from global economic cycles. The 2008/9 recession meant that there was increased pressure on the sales and marketing team to help each of the hotels achieve their occupancy and average room rate targets. The sales team needed to maximise their impact on potential clients by being having more effective contacts and achieving memorability through outstanding professionalism and personality.

What did B2E do?

The Sales Excellence Programme was initiated to help the team increase sales by being more disciplined (right processes/frameworks); more capable (right skills/tools); more focused (right goals and measures).

B2E Consulting designed and developed a series of bespoke learning events to improve overall sales performance.  The events covered major elements of the overall sales cycle from Lead Generation to Account Management converting indentified targets to hotel clients.

All Sales and Marketing personnel attended the Effective Presentations for Effective Sales event over 2 days to refine their group presentation skills and learn a structured approach to effective business meetings.

Over a period of 6 months all sales personnel conducted regular simulated sales calls and were scored on their ability to adopt the structured approach to identify buyer values and match them against the property’s unique selling points.

What were the outcomes?

The results from the Sales Excellence Programme was extremely positive; not only from participant feedback, but a change of behaviour has been noted in the workplace and the business improved in difficult trading conditions.  As a direct consequence the client continued to invest in the programme after our initial engagement was completed