What was the challenge?

One of the UK’s leading Telecommunications and Mass Media organisations initiated a project to enable its consumers to connect through their Smart devices while away from their home network by turning consumer routers into public Wi-Fi hotspots; this functionality had been available to consumers of its competitors for a while and so it was a high-profile project on the portfolio.

Alongside the technical and security challenges required to separate the consumer networks, the delivery method required the creation and launch of a mobile application. In addition, a key business driver for the project was to reduce the demand on the mobile data network by utilising the public Wi-Fi hotspots; a reduction in mobile data usage would reduce our clients overall operating costs.

What did B2E do?

Our B2E consultants were integrated into the client delivery team throughout the lifecycle of the project; introduced during detailed design, the B2E team acknowledged the importance of the Customer Contact Centre and the Sales and Marketing departments in the success of the launch; the ability to sell new offerings and demand forecasting of consumer contact were success factors.

By using our experts at B2E, the programme had specialist skills and a wealth of technical and industry experience which was vital to achieving the challenging benefits which were identified and crucial in enabling the client to be a market leader in Wifi services

B2E Consulting enabled successful delivery by providing expertise in:

  • Programme and Project Management,
  • Business Analysis
  • Release Management and Service Readiness
  • Business Readiness and Change Management

What were the outcomes?

100,000+ consumer hubs have been opted in by default with unaffected download speeds. When a customer’s Hub is added to the public Wi-Fi service, it connects to the local network at a slightly higher rate. So, for example, if the consumer has a 200Mbps connection, the modem might be connected at 220Mbps, with the extra 20Mbps reserved for public Wi-Fi users.

Alongside the launch of the mobile application and rollout of the initial firmware, millions of smart device users are now able to connect to other consumer routers, seen as public Wifi hotspots, while roaming – this means a decrease in customer bills and reduction in operating costs to our client.

Moving into 2017/18, B2E will be fundamental in the expansion of the service to different versions of the hubs, enabling more hotspots around the UK and internationally.