What is the challenge?

Our client, one of the UK’s leading “QuadPlay” media and communications companies, has committed to a multi-billion-pound investment into UK network expansion to add millions of new homes and businesses to its network. There is a race to ‘wire homes’ with the latest technology to allow high speed broadband to delivery increasingly rich media content and other digital services to UK households and businesses.

This is the largest private investment in UK internet infrastructure in over a decade and is a key strategic initiative; it will increase the number of homes and businesses to which services can be offered by almost a third.

 What is B2E doing?

Through our successful delivery on previous programmes with this client and our long-term relationship, B2E is providing skilled consultants to play key roles within this strategic programme – a programme that will shape the future of how our client delivers services to its customers.

B2E Consulting is providing expertise in key change enablement areas including:

  • Programme and Project Management,
  • PMO, Planning and Governance,
  • Business Requirements Analysis,
  • Business and Service Readiness,
  • Solution Design and Technical Assurance Integration

What are the outcomes?

The network expansion programme is a long term, multi-year delivery, scheduled to be completed by 2020; our consultants are truly at the heart of the programme and will continue to work to deliver key programme milestones.

In 2016, the team delivered a number of key technology and infrastructure solutions to enable this network expansion. This included the development of the prospect management, demand planning & workflow management systems, supply chain improvement initiatives and the overarching IT service management. In 2017/18, the programme focus will be the delivery of key system integrations; this is to enable the business to convert customer prospects into network delivery, to make informed decisions about network investment and to offer exciting new services to the prospective customers.

B2E Consulting programme and project managers have also been fundamental in developing and implementing an Agile, rapid development methodology for the programme – enabling the programme value to be realised earlier than traditional waterfall delivery.