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What differentiates the B2E Consulting Community? Why join our consultancy?

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When you are actively managing your consulting career, there are many networking paths and options you can choose.  There is no single perfect solution, but at B2E Consulting we believe strongly in the power of Community.

The Oxford English Dictionary describes a Community Group as; “An association of individuals from the same community, especially one formed to advance a particular cause or interest.”

When you join our Community at B2E Consulting, we offer you much more than simple access to a job board.  We are with you, working to advance your interests as a consultant.

When you sign up with our Community, we take the time to ascertain from you the specific roles, the types of employment, locations and other factors that are driving your search….we talk to you about your personal preferences, as well as give you the chance to customise (as many times as you want!) your personal profile on the dedicated portal we have set up.   We work very hard to ensure that the role alerts you receive from us are relevant to what you are looking for and we promise to take care of your data.  And of course, you can at any time opt in or out of receiving information from us depending on where you are at along your career journey.

As a team we are also grouped around different consulting specialisms and can work with you accordingly.  The majority of our Role Consultant and Account Management Team have prior Big 5 consulting experience in performing transformation roles on significant Blue Chip client engagements so understand the consulting world.

And at B2E Consulting we also pride ourselves on the different types of consulting opportunities we can offer members of our Community including:

But it’s not just about the roles (important as they are)… Community means communication, networking, socialising, and personal growth.  With an ever growing Community of 20,000+ consultants – we have plenty of opportunities to bring people together.

At B2E we have spent time and resources investing in initiatives including just the some of the following:

  • We have a dedicated Community Manager who helps our consulting associates with their self-marketing, for example through a free CV Peer Review session as well as providing individual feedback on role outcomes and next steps;
  • We host knowledge-sharing, content sessions in our London offices around topics pertinent to our consultants. Recent topics have included: Fintech innovations, The Impacts of IR35 and New Innovations in AI;
  • We create and share useful content and articles for our consultants which we share through our various social media channels;
  • We hold frequent networking drinks and socials in London and around our major client sites giving consultants a chance to meet those on other assignments;

So – if you are looking at the next steps in your consulting path and Community matters to you, why not join us today?

About the author, Nicola Smith

Nicola is a member of the B2E Account Management team & has been a homeworker for the last 3+ years with us, as well as a regular homeworker for other clients, juggling work and family life. Her background is in People & Change Management having worked as a consultant at Accenture for 12+ years prior to starting a family.