Read B2E Consulting’s General Policies and Terms of Use
Read B2E Consulting’s Data Privacy Policy 2018

B2E Consulting General Policies and Terms of Use

The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations Act 2003 asks B2E Consulting (“B2E”) to have an agreed set of general policies in place, before we introduce you (“the work-seeker”) to a client. This is to safeguard you against malpractice, and it’s important that you read and agree with how we operate.


  • B2E Consulting will work as an Employment Business unless otherwise stated.
  • B2E Consulting will look for consulting opportunities of all levels/types to offer to our community of consultants.
  • B2E Consulting is committed to being an equal opportunities company. If the Work-seeker has any disabilities that will potentially hinder their application, they agree to let B2E know, in advance, of any reasonable adjustment sought.
  • The Work-seeker gives consent for the information collected on B2Es registration form or application form to be processed by a computer under the terms of the GDPR 2018. This information is used for registration and will subsequently be used to notify the work-seeker of other potential projects and business opportunities.  This consent can be withdrawn at any time (see Data Privacy Policy below).
  • If the project is deemed inside IR35, any Work-seeker who is looking for temporary/contract employment agrees to operate via a fixed term employment contract with B2E Consulting, or from within an umbrella company, should they be successful in winning a role.
  • If the project is deemed outside IR35, any work-seeker who is looking for temporary/contract employment agrees to operate through their own Limited Company, operating as a Personal Services Company (PSC), or from within an Umbrella company.
  • If a Work-seeker is offered a contract role operating through a Limited Company or an Umbrella company, then it will be under a Contract for Services, with associated terms and conditions. (please request our Standard Terms and Conditions).
  • If a Work-seeker is offered a Fixed Term Contract with B2E, then it will be under a Contract for Employment with associated terms and conditions. (please request our FTC Terms and Conditions).
  • Work-seekers are not provided any paid period of absence; all B2E Consulting rates include an allowance for personal holiday time.

Prior to Introduction to the Client

  1. The Work-seeker agrees that, where specifically agreed, B2E Consulting may share his/her CV (anonymised to exclude contact details) with potential Clients or Hirers
  2. The Work-seeker agrees that, where specifically agreed, B2E Consulting may act on his/her behalf and enter into agreements with potential Clients or Hirers to facilitate work-finding services.
  3. The Work-seeker must have the right to work in the UK, and agrees to provide proof of right to work in the UK for the duration of the assignment. B2E is unable to sponsor any visa applications.
  4. The Work-seeker agrees to declare any unspent criminal convictions.

If a Work-seeker is supplied by B2E to a client

  1. The Work-seeker agrees to meet with a member of the B2E team to present originals of any of the following identification documents: passport, driving licence, birth certificate (or any other document which provides evidence of the work-seeker’s identity) PLUS a current utility bill or bank statement which confirms the work-seeker’s address.
  2. If the Work-seeker is entering into a Fixed Term Contract with B2E Consulting, they agree to provide the above, plus their P45.
  3. The Work-seeker agrees to provide two recent professional references to B2E Consulting, from persons not related to the Work-seeker, and agrees that B2E Consulting may disclose or provide copies of these references to a 3rd party at a time agreed with the Work-seeker.
  4. If relevant, the Work-seeker agrees to provide information about the Limited Company or umbrella company that they will work though (name, registered address, companies house registration number, Professional Indemnity insurance details).
  5. The Work-seeker agrees to give B2E confirmation (and where necessary copies or evidence of) any training, qualifications or authorisation considered necessary by the Hirer, or required by law, to undertake the work that they are supplied to complete.
  6. The Work-seeker agrees to undergo any additional checks that the client may require. Typically this will include (but is not limited to) a criminal record check and a credit check.
  7. The Work-seeker whom B2E Consulting supplies must provide B2E with a correctly authorised timesheets or verification of the execution of consultancy services for payment. In addition, for those operating through a PSC or an Umbrella company, they must provide B2E with an invoice.
  8. Subject to 7. above, B2E will pay those Work-seekers it supplies, regardless of receipt of payment from the end client or Hirer.
  9. Remuneration will be paid monthly in arrears, subject to 7. above

B2E Consulting Data Privacy Policy

What information do you collect?

B2E Consulting (“B2E” or “the Firm”) will collect, hold (in hard copy and computer readable form) and process your personal data, such as your contact details, target daily rate, interests, location preferences and CV, for the purposes of recruitment.

We may collect information about the device you used to register with us, and which third-party site or service you were using before interacting with our portal.

If B2E supplies you to a client, we are required by law to collect proof of identification and proof of the right to work in the UK.  We may also need to collect sensitive personal data relating to you, including any disabilities we need to take into account to help you in a role, National Insurance number and criminal offences or proceedings.

In order to complete our contract obligations to you, if we supply you to a client, we will also need to collect your company’s bank account details. 

When you sign up for the Role Exchange, we will send you an introductory email to B2E Consulting and after that, we will only retain your email address for the purposes of sending you Role Exchange specific communications, unless you choose to activate your full B2E account.

What will you do with my personal data?

We will send you targeted emails based on:

  • roles we think you will be interested in
  • a monthly newsletter
  • invitations to events and training workshops
  • account administration

You can change your email preferences or opt out at any time by updating your profile at

If we supply you to a client, we will use your data to facilitate the submittal of timesheets and payment of invoices.  We will also use it, as required by law, in our reporting to HRMC.

Choice and transparency

Every email we send through our bulk mailer will include an opt out link for any mass emails such as role alerts and newsletters.  In addition:

  • every time you apply for a role you are required to check your personal data and confirm your email preferences
  • once a month we will send you a reminder to ensure the personal data we hold for you is accurate
  • outside of these times, you can log into our portal and change your personal data and email preferences at any time

Who will you share my personal data with?

B2E Consulting will share your personal data with the 3rd party SaaS suppliers (iCIMS, Dropbox and Timesheet Portal) that we use to provide our business platforms.  We have confirmed that they are fully GDPR compliant, and their data security policies can be provided on request.

We will only disclose or transfer your personal data (including sensitive data) to other parties or prospective employers with your explicit prior consent, or if it is required by law to do so.    However we may share an anonymised version of your CV with potential clients as an example of the capability of our community, and we may use anonymous summarised data in the same way.

B2E will never sell, share (or gift) your data to a 3rd party outside of this.

B2E may transfer and disclose personal data, as set out above, regardless of the country of residence of the prospective employer to whom the data is to be transferred.  Countries outside the European Economic Area may not have equivalent regulations regarding the processing of personal data, but where the disclosure or transfer is to a prospective employer outside the European Economic Area, B2E will confirm your authorisation and will take reasonable steps to ensure that your rights and freedoms in relation to the processing of the relevant personal data are adequately protected.

How long will you hold my personal data for?

B2E Consulting will hold your records for as long as you have an account on our portal, for future consideration of other roles (or as long as is necessary for legal purposes).  We believe that we have legitimate interest to let you know of employment vacancies during this time that are relevant to your skills and experience. This will only come from us and only if you have not indicated to us that you object to this.

You can indicate at any time that you would like your personal data to be removed, or that you no longer wish to be considered for future roles and we will remove your profile from our records (unless we are required to keep it for legal purposes).

B2E will retain your email address for the legitimate interest of ensuring that we don’t create a new account for you, after you have requested to be removed from our database.  If we don’t keep a unique identifier for you on file, we are unable to add a note to say that you do not wish to be contacted.  This can also be removed at your request.

Your Role Exchange login will be deleted if it is not used for a period of two years.

How can I check that my data is accurate?

B2E will send you regular reminders to check and update your data, and you will be checking your details every time you apply for a role.  You can also check and update your data by clicking here at any time and logging in using your email address.

If your personal data is held on our timesheet portal, you will also be given a login to confirm that the data held there is correct.

B2E takes every reasonable precaution to ensure that we only hold up-to-date information about any member of our community.  Your co-operation in helping us to keep your own personal data accurate, by updating it yourself or by informing us of any change of name or change of address is an important aspect of this.

How will you keep my data secure?

B2E places great importance on the security of personally identifiable information associated with candidates and takes all reasonable precautions in relation to the security of your personal data so as to prevent unauthorised access to it both from within and outside the Firm.

Data security policies for our 3rd party SaaS providers can be provided on request.

Who do I talk to if I have any concerns?

If you make a written request to the Data Protection Manager, you are entitled to receive a copy of your personal data held by B2E, which we will make available within a month.  Such requests may be made free of charge at reasonable intervals, but if we feel that they are excessive, we may charge a small administrative fee.

Please email any questions, concerns or comments you have to the Data Protection Manager at or write to The Data Protection Manager, B2E Consulting, Portsoken House, 7th Floor, 155/157 Minories, London EC3N 1LJ

ICO – Data Protection Registration Number Z1053925