Organisation Design

Organisation Design Services Overview Working with our clients to develop design solutions that resolve performance challenges - from organisation-wide scale, through to optimising the performance of specific functions and operating divisions; to meet changing market requirements. Our goal is to help ensure that the organisation is aligned with its strategy and key [...]

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Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation Services Overview Finance Transformation has the potential to dramatically improve whole enterprise performance. The finance function – and CFO – must transform and then continue to evolve and adapt to be the Finance Strategic Business Partner supporting the wider business enterprise in a changing business climate A successful Finance Transformation [...]

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Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Services Overview Outsourcing can deliver clients’ tangible benefits whilst allowing the outsourced service provider to make profit – these need not be mutually exclusive. The trend in the last two decades is for poorly scoped and aggressively negotiated deals that are not agile nor adaptable leaving managed service providers (MSPs) [...]

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Commercialising Finance

Commercialising Finance Services Overview To achieve high performance in a challenging global market place, companies more and more are looking to their finance function for commercial insights to support business success. B2E Consulting has a wealth of commercial finance expertise gained over many years of working with blue chip companies and public [...]

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Internal Audit Transformation

Internal Audit Transformation Services Overview Many internal audit functions, even within the FTSE 100 Listed Companies, have grown organically over the years without an initial world class architectural blueprint in place to guide the construction of a relevant and coordinated function. This should align both Risk Management and Assurance efforts throughout the [...]

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Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services Overview Supply Chain planning and execution is at the heart of the business performance and the customer experience. B2E Consulting has a wealth of Supply Chain expertise with Blue Chip companies on improvement change projects and transformational programmes.  Our consultants have experience right across the Supply Chain from rapid [...]

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Procurement Services Overview Many decisions taken by all departments in an organisation have a procurement implication that can impact on the overall cost of carrying out the decision. Procurement is a strategic function working to improve an organisation's profitability.  Successful implementation can help to streamline processes, reduce raw material prices and costs, [...]

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