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Shaping the Future: Driving Success through the B2E Consulting Academy  

Dale McNeill | Delivery Partner


In the ever-evolving landscape of transformation within Financial Services, the B2E Consulting Academy stands out as a catalyst for transformative change. Through a strategic collaboration with our FTSE 100 Financial Services client, our B2E Academy consultants are not only active participants but crucial contributors to the success of the client’s M&A programmes.

In this article, we look at the B2E Consulting Academy in more detail, and expand on how it illustrates our commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I).

Strategic Placement: An Immersive Experience

Right from the start, our B2E Consulting Academy Consultants are embedded in the Corporate Technology transformation team of our Financial Services client. This strategic placement goes beyond a traditional internship; it’s an immersive, hands-on experience where consultants actively shape and execute critical projects. From day one, they become integral members of the team, gaining insights into the intricacies of technology programmes, and actively contributing to their success.

Three Rotations, Infinite Growth

During the 18-month program, consultants undergo three distinct rotations, each lasting six months. This structured approach allows consultants to delve deeply into their roles, gaining a comprehensive understanding of Business Analysis, PMO and Project Management within the context of technology transformation, M&A programmes and divestments. With each rotation, consultants not only expand their skill sets but also play significant roles in ongoing projects.

Learning in Action: Core Technology Programs and Industry Accreditations

B2E Consulting Academy Consultants don’t just learn; they actively apply their knowledge to core technology programs within the client. This real-world application ensures that theoretical learning is translated into tangible results. Simultaneously, the consultants engage in a continuous learning journey, earning industry accreditations that not only validate their expertise but also align them with the latest industry standards. At the conclusion of each six-month rotation, consultants undergo comprehensive performance reviews. These reviews serve as blueprints for individual growth, highlighting strengths and identifying areas for improvement. The structured feedback loop ensures that consultants are not only meeting the immediate needs of projects but also evolving as professionals in tune with the dynamic demands of the technology and M&A landscape.

Outstanding Client Feedback: A Mark of Excellence

Client feedback has been nothing short of outstanding. The B2E Consulting Academy Consultants have quickly become invaluable assets to our client and they have commended their ability to not only understand the intricacies of the projects but also to contribute meaningfully, creating real value from the early stages of their placements. Remarkably, it’s noted that these consultants are performing at a level comparable to more experienced professionals.

The flexibility of the Academy allows our consultants to seamlessly transition into permanent roles within our client or choose to rejoin B2E Consulting based on their career aspirations. This personalised approach ensures that each consultant’s journey reflects their individual goals and professional ambitions.

Future Expansion: A Testament to Success

The partnership between B2E Consulting Academy and our client’s corporate technology division is more than just a placement; it’s a transformative journey. As our consultants play an ever increasing role with our client, their success serves as a powerful testament to the effectiveness of strategic partnerships, structured learning, and a dedication to excellence.

The resounding success of B2E Consulting Academy Consultants at our Financial Services client has confirmed the desire to expand the intake of consultants and broaden the scope of the collaboration, exploring opportunities in different facets of corporate technology.

How the Academy fits into the wider B2E Consulting ED&I Agenda

The B2E Consulting Academy is not just a training ground for consultants; it’s a manifestation of B2E Consulting’s unwavering commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I). The Academy is strategically designed to align with and amplify the core values of the B2E Consulting ED&I agenda and our clients ED&I agenda. Here’s how the Consulting Academy contributes to and reinforces these principles:

  1. Inclusive Selection Process: The ED&I agenda is at the heart of the B2E Consulting Academy’s selection process. By placing ED&I considerations at the forefront of candidate selection, the academy ensures that a diverse pool of talent is not only welcomed but actively sought. This commitment to inclusivity from the outset sets the tone for the academy’s culture and reflects the broader ED&I goals of B2E Consulting.
  1. Tailored Learning Journeys: The academy’s commitment to tailored learning journeys is a strategic move that aligns seamlessly with ED&I objectives. Recognizing and valuing the unique experiences and aspirations of each consultant, irrespective of their background, ensures that the academy fosters an inclusive learning environment. The tailored approach also contributes to breaking down traditional barriers, promoting diversity in skill sets, and creating a collaborative atmosphere.
  1. Mentorship from Diverse Industry Professionals: The mentorship provided by ex-Big 4 consultants and industry professionals within the core B2E team is a key component of the academy experience. This mentorship not only imparts valuable insights into the consulting world but also serves as a living example of diversity and inclusion.
  1. ED&I in Client Engagement: B2E Consulting encourages clients to offer employment to academy consultants after initial assignments, demonstrating a commitment to diversity in client organizations. This strategy not only aligns with ED&I goals but also promotes the idea that diversity enhances the effectiveness and creativity of consulting teams.
  1. Feedback and Continuous Improvement: The academy’s emphasis on continuous learning and performance reviews aligns with ED&I principles. By actively seeking feedback and focusing on improvement, the academy ensures that consultants are not only delivering excellent results but also growing in their understanding and application of ED&I principles in their work.

In conclusion, the B2E Consulting Academy is not just a training program; it’s a living embodiment of B2E Consulting’s ED&I agenda. By integrating diversity and inclusion into every aspect of the academy experience, B2E Consulting ensures that the next generation of consultants emerges not only with exceptional skills but also with a deep-rooted commitment to fostering equality, diversity, and inclusion in the consulting industry.


Dale McNeill

About the author – Dale McNeill:

Dale has spent the majority of his career consulting in IT Service Management, firstly with Northgate IS, then more recently with Accenture. An ITIL Expert with Cross Industry knowledge, Dale has led many consulting projects in large programmes across the IT Lifecycle. Dale joined B2E in January 2017, supporting some of our key client accounts and helping develop capabilities to support new clients, showcasing our expertise and growing our B2E community.

When not in the office, Dale enjoys going to a variety of gigs, visiting the cinema, cooking and talking to his budgie, Eric. A new addition to the family (Gus the Cocker Spaniel puppy) also keeps him busy and very fit!