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ED&I Update: Anticipating Change and Embracing New Strategies

Dale McNeill | Delivery Partner

As we step into Q2 of 2024, the imperatives of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) are becoming increasingly nuanced, compelling organisations like B2E Consulting to adapt and lead with innovative strategies. Our commitment, as detailed in our previous articles, has always been to embed EDI into the very fabric of our operations, ensuring that it transcends mere policy to become a lived experience for every member of our community.

Following the successful implementation of our Supplier Diversity programme, one of the key initiatives in the last quarter was to evaluate our progress. We focused on two areas: systems and relationship building.

  • First, we ensured that our systems were aligned to support our suppliers and our contracting team in collecting supplier diversity data. This data was used to recognise our diverse suppliers, track our supplier diversity spend, and ensure that we were meeting and exceeding our spend target.
  • The second area was the importance of our relationships with our suppliers and ensuring that we have a designated member of the B2E team for supplier diversity. Sonal Patel, our Contracts and Commercials Partner, has been appointed as our Supplier Diversity Lead. Sonal has years of experience working closely with our consultants throughout their onboarding process and has been working to implement the supplier diversity programme into the contracting process. If you’d like to find out more about our Supplier Diversity Programme, see our previous blog “Driving Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in our Supply Chain

As we look ahead to the next three quarters of the year, this article delves into the evolving EDI trends of 2024, drawing from past insights to chart a forward-looking approach to inclusivity in the workplace.

  1. Strategic Inclusion: Setting a New Agenda
    The journey towards a truly inclusive workplace is intricate, demanding a strategic and comprehensive approach. Reflecting on our past achievements and lessons learnt in 2023, B2E Consulting is crafting a roadmap for 2024 that encapsulates our objectives and reflects our dedication across every level of the organisation. This strategy is not an insular endeavour; it requires the collective effort and commitment of every stakeholder, ensuring that inclusion permeates every aspect of our work culture.

  2. Elevating Employee Engagement, Retention, and Well-being
    The cornerstone of any successful organisation lies in its people. In 2024, understanding and nurturing our employees’ well-being and engagement are paramount. We’re implementing robust mechanisms to capture the true sentiment of our workforce, employing tools such as anonymous surveys and training. This feedback loop enables us to make informed adjustments, ensuring our workplace is not only productive but also nurturing and fulfilling. By prioritising the holistic well-being of our team, we aim to foster a culture where everyone feels genuinely valued and empowered to contribute their best.

  3. Attracting and Celebrating Diverse Talent
    Diversity in talent acquisition continues to be a focal point for B2E Consulting in 2024. Our approach transcends traditional recruitment metrics, recognising the rich tapestry of lived experiences, transferable skills, and unique perspectives that diverse candidates bring to our organisation. We’re enhancing our recruitment strategies with new technologies and AI tools, deployed carefully to minimise biases and broaden our talent pool. Our commitment to diversity is not about fulfilling quotas; it’s about enriching our organisation with a multitude of voices and perspectives that drive innovation and excellence.

  4. Living Our Organisational Values
    Our organisational values serve as the compass guiding our EDI efforts. In 2024, we’re breathing life into these values, ensuring they’re more than just words on a page. Through engaging initiatives and daily practices, we’re embedding these values into the heart of our operations, creating a shared language and framework that underpins every action and decision. This intentional approach not only reinforces our commitment to EDI but also cultivates an environment where diversity is celebrated and every individual feels a profound sense of belonging.

  5. The Role of Technology in Fostering Inclusion
    The advent of technology, especially AI, offers unprecedented opportunities to advance EDI. B2E Consulting is at the forefront of deploying these technologies to create more inclusive hiring practices and operational processes. However, we remain vigilant of the inherent biases that technology can perpetuate. Our approach is one of cautious optimism, leveraging technology to enhance our inclusivity efforts while continuously monitoring and adjusting to ensure these tools serve our broader EDI goals.

  6. Embracing the Future of Work
    The future of work in 2024 is undeniably hybrid, reflecting the diverse needs and preferences of our workforce. B2E Consulting embraces this evolution, offering flexible work arrangements that acknowledge the importance of work-life balance, mental health, and personal well-being. Our policies are designed to support productivity without compromising the personal needs of our team, ensuring that every member feels valued and supported, irrespective of their working location.

  7. Leadership and Accountability in EDI
    Leadership commitment to EDI remains a critical driver of our strategy in 2024. At B2E Consulting, our leaders are not just advocates but active participants in our EDI initiatives. They set the tone, embody our values, and ensure accountability across the organisation. This leadership ethos is integral to fostering an inclusive culture that attracts, nurtures, and retains top talent, setting us apart as an employer of choice in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Conclusion: A Commitment Renewed

As we navigate the complexities and opportunities of EDI in 2024, B2E Consulting’s commitment to advancing these initiatives is unwavering. By strategically addressing the evolving landscape, prioritising our people, leveraging innovative technologies, and living our values, we are creating a workplace that not only adapts to change but thrives amidst it. Our journey is one of continuous learning and adaptation, driven by the belief that a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace is not just a goal but a fundamental aspect of our identity.

Dale McNeill

About the author – Dale McNeill:

Dale has spent the majority of his career consulting in IT Service Management, firstly with Northgate IS, then more recently with Accenture. An ITIL Expert with Cross Industry knowledge, Dale has led many consulting projects in large programmes across the IT Lifecycle. Dale joined B2E in January 2017, supporting some of our key client accounts and helping develop capabilities to support new clients, showcasing our expertise and growing our B2E community.

When not in the office, Dale enjoys going to a variety of gigs, visiting the cinema, cooking and talking to his budgie, Eric. A new addition to the family (Gus the Cocker Spaniel puppy) also keeps him busy and very fit!