Networking Evening

B2E Networking Evening: #b2edifferent

Kate Redfern | Capability Manager

Earlier this month, B2E organised our first Networking Evening since pre-Covid days; in the past we’ve held them every 6 months, but Covid came and went and it’s only recently that the time has felt right to reinstate them. We feel that these events provide a rare opportunity to build connections in person and we’ve missed them!

In a world where so many of our interactions are primarily virtual, getting together, face to face, to network gives us and our consultants a chance to put the personal element back into our professional relationships. We met a diverse group of independent consultants from our community, including those who currently work, have worked, or are considering working via B2E alongside some of our key clients, representing companies we collaborate with.

The networks we build are invaluable, being able to put names to faces (and faces to names) for our clients and consultants alike – and improves our ability to help, whether for individual support as mentors or coaches or to strengthen corporate teams with specialised skill sets precisely when needed most.

Feedback from the event has shown that it was well received, and those attending enjoyed meeting up with previous colleagues and building their network with new connections. As one attendee put it:

I was grateful for the level of support made available by staff members at B2E Consulting and attendees throughout the evening. It is your networks and connections that enhance both your professional and personal life.

To build long-standing relationships, you must put in effort. Your network will make you more valuable than other colleagues who have the same skills but do not have the strong network you have.

Thank you – we couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Our next networking evening will be in September, and we will send details well in advance to all our community. This one was an early “sell out”, so book your tickets quickly!

Dale McNeill

About the author – Kate Redfern:

Kate has 20 years’ experience in services organisations at IBM and PwC spanning multiple industries, with a focus on utilities, oil & gas and public sector. She has worked on large scale transformations, business operations and innovative technologies.


Outside of work, Kate enjoys spending time with her family and working on her home / garden renovation project.