B2E December 2020 Newsletter

As we head towards the end of 2020, find out more about our Internal Audit Transformation and Enterprise Architecture Service Offerings and meet our B2E Principals in these areas – Terrence McGrane and Shahid Mahmood.

We also have one final free webinar for 2020 from our excellent #WednesdayWebinar series. Our last event is titled : “I Wish I Had Thought of That! How To Find Business Growth” with Jonathan Spence. And finally, don’t forget to update your details with us and review our latest consulting opportunities.

Service Offering – Internal Audit Transformation

B2E Principal Terrence McGrane explains how many internal audit functions have grown organically over the years without an initial world class architectural blueprint in place.

B2E consultants are highly experienced in synchronising the needs of people, processes and technology so that, when coordinated with the other risk and control efforts within a complex organisation, they produce both value and assurance.

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WEBINAR: 9th December – I Wish I Had Thought of That! How To Find Business Growth

Jonathan Spence will inspire all to seek and find the opportunities for growth in current challenging times.


Service Offering – Enterprise Architecture

B2E Principal Shahid Mahmood explains how B2E Consulting helps clients to envision, plan, develop, and evolve their Enterprise Architecture to achieve tangible business outcomes that activate sustainable benefits through the delivery of pragmatic, cost- effective, streamlined, and value-driven solutions.

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Update your Consulting Profile

As we come to the end of 2020, take the opportunity to review the consulting profile you have registered with us and to update your latest details. We may have an old copy of your profile which does not reflect your recent projects and achievements.

Tell us what types of opportunities you are looking for next, when you are coming free, or even set up an automated search agent.

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