September/October Newsletter 2023

In this month’s newsletter, we look at the dynamic duo of sustainability and diversity, exploring how these two crucial aspects intersect, whether there can be a win-win for business, and the impact on how companies do business in 2023 and beyond

Dr Eva Gkenakou explains the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and asks “Should you care?

Internally, Hagar Yanco highlights the importance of driving inclusion and equal opportunities in B2E’s Supply Chain, while Dale McNeill reflects upon our 2023 initiatives to promote Diversity and Inclusion as foundation for our future trajectory

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Driving Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in our Supply Chain

Hagar Yanco

Driving Inclusion and Equal Opportunities

At B2E Consulting, we believe that diversity and inclusion are essential pillars of a successful and sustainable business. Our commitment to these principles extends beyond our internal operations and into our supply chain…

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Sustainability: a Win-Win for Business and the Enviroment

Jo Young

Organisational Architecture

Whilst recent headlines have been dominated by urgent calls to address climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the environment, there is less discussion about how this translates into business benefits…

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Evolving ED&I: Building on Our Foundation

Dale McNeill

Becoming a consultant

In this article, we revisit our 2023 initiatives and look at the ongoing nature of our commitment to ED&I. Our Diversity sponsor, Dale McNeill, highlights the key principles of inclusivity…

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The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Dr Eva Gkenakou


The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) aims to revolutionise our ability to tackle key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues through the availability of reliable data…

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