B2E Newsletter – March/April 2024

As we put together this newsletter in a very wet March, the idea of Spring and “new beginnings” seems optimistic!  However, a new Financial Year has got us thinking about finances – in this newsletter we look at how B2E can help you do More for Less, alongside a look at some of our Finance Transformation case studies.

Apologies to those who didn’t manage to get the hottest tickets in town – our Networking Event was sold out almost immediately – we’ll find a bigger venue in September and we hope you’ll be able to come.

The annual IIM (Institute of Interim Managers) survey is now open – not only does this provide a valuable insight into the state of the industry to all participants, it also gives you a chance to give feedback on B2E and hopefully keep us in the top rankings.

B2E featured in the Financial Times

B2E Featured in the Financial Times

B2E Consulting featured in the Financial Times’ March online article “UK Leading Managements Consultants 2024“. Click the link to read the full article.

Doing More for Less

Dale McNeill

Workplace transformation case study

With the backdrop of economic challenges and budget belt tightening, B2E Consulting is stepping forward and bringing an innovative and cost effective solution to help our clients ‘do more for less’…

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Finance Transformation

Case Studies

Finance Transformation Case Studies

B2E Consulting has a wealth of finance transformation expertise gained over many years working with Blue Chip companies on large and complex finance transformation programmes.  Look at some of our case studies…

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B2E Networking Event

Kate Redfern

B2E Networking Event

At our first “post covid” Networking evening, we met a diverse group of independent consultants from our network, including those who currently work, have worked, or are considering working with B2E, alongside some of our key clients…

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EDI: Anticipating Change

Dale McNeill

EDI: Anticipating Change

As we step into Q2 of 2024, the imperatives of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) are becoming increasingly nuanced, compelling organisations like B2E Consulting to adapt and lead with innovative strategies…

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IIM Survey 2024

The 2024 IIM Survey

The annual IIM Survey is now open – this provides a valuable insight into the market and current trends.  If you can, we’d also appreciate an upvote for B2E…

There are 78 questions this year – down from 83 – so this is a 15-20 minute investment of your time.  But worth it!

Whilst the survey asks for your LinkedIn profile url, the organisers assure us that this is to verify that you are a consultant – they have no further use for this information.

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