B2E Summer 2023 Newsletter

This summer, we delve into the world of Agile working and its transformative impact on organisations, looking at the different styles of Agile and hearing from one of our consultants about the practicalities of using it. We reflect on how B2E operates as an Agile organisation and what that means for us.

We also shine a spotlight on the growing SAP S/4HANA industry trend – and look at how we could help your (or your client’s) organisation.

Last but not least – we highlight the IIM report on the Interim Consulting industry. It is an annual “deep dive” into the industry and, as always, is an interesting and insightful read.

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An Introduction to Agile

Filippo Lanfranchi

Workplace transformation case study

Agile methodology has gained significant popularity due to its ability to adapt quickly to changing requirements and deliver high-quality products. Our graduate intern, Filippo Lanfrachi, looks at the different styles and approaches…

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Agile is Illogical

Jon Ward

Organisational Architecture

As practitioners, we have tried to take the certified Agile frameworks and apply them in every scenario or situation. It is the agile equivalent of The Emperor’s new clothes, illogical!  B2E Consultant Jon Ward explains…

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Embracing Agility – B2E’s Secret to Success?

Jo Young

Becoming a consultant

Long before Agile was well known as a methodology, B2E Consulting operated along agile lines – and has been doing so since we started in 2004. Jo Young looks at how this influences our workstyle and culture…

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Spotlight on SAP S/4HANA and B2E’s capabilities

Dale McNeill

A winning Interim CV

Implementing SAP or upgrading to S/4HANA can unlock numerous benefits. We look at the advantages of SAP and S/4HANA, and explore successful projects executed by B2E’s consulting team…

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