Beyond Projects: B2E Consulting’s Journey with our Consultants

Hagar Pfister | People Partner

Working independently as a consultant can often feel like a solitary journey. It’s a path where you face challenges without the immediate camaraderie of an office, and you may miss having someone to bounce ideas off or discuss how to find your next project. But at B2E Consulting, we believe in changing that narrative. We’re not just here to provide you with your next project; we’re here to be your friends, your support system, and your advisors. 

Our Mission: Treating Each Person as an Individual

Our mission at B2E Consulting is clear: We aim to do outstanding consulting work, provide the best solutions to our clients, attract and nurture bright talent, constantly challenge ourselves to reach new heights, foster an environment where people thrive, and keep our focus firmly on the future. We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures, always ensuring fairness to all stakeholders. Our mantra? “Treat each person as an individual.” 

Communication Matters

When you first reach out to us, it’s often because you’ve applied for a role. We promise you this: We’ll always get back to you, even if you’re unsuccessful. We understand how important it is to keep you informed. Sometimes, when things get busy on the client’s end, we might not have immediate updates, but rest assured, we’ll keep you in the loop. Your connection with us matters. 

Once a project starts, we make it a point to check in regularly with both you and the client, ensuring that everything is running smoothly. When things are going well, we ensure that you know how valuable you are to the client. If any issues arise, we become the neutral third party to help resolve them. We know that strong relationships are the foundation of successful projects. 

Community and Learning: Building Connections

Building a strong consulting community is vital to us. We host joint consultant-client networking evenings twice a year, where you can meet our team and connect with like-minded professionals. After a temporary pause during the pandemic, we’re thrilled to bring these events back. Our recent gathering in London on September 20th was a resounding success. It’s not just about relaxation; it’s about forging meaningful relationships with your peers and our internal team. 

Staying Informed and Ahead: Learning Opportunities

The consulting world is dynamic, and we want to keep you informed and ahead of the curve. We do this through our regular newsletter (every two months) and through learning events and webinars, which are almost always free to attend. 

Our next series of webinars is on the fascinating world of AI, and we’ve got some incredible speakers lined up. Join us for “Leveraging AI” where we’ll explore personal productivity, automation, and transformation. 


Upcoming Webinars:


Stay Connected

Don’t miss out on our social events and learning opportunities. Update your profile to ensure you’re on our invitation list. To everyone who joined us in London on September 20th, thank you. We look forward to many more opportunities to connect, collaborate, and celebrate together. 

At B2E Consulting, we’re more than just your next project; we’re your partners in growth and success. 

Dale McNeill

About the author – Hagar Pfister:

Hagar has 15 years of experience in various HR roles in global companies across several industries, including Retail, Finance and Technology. Throughout her career, She has been designing and delivering people and culture strategies, managing learning, talent development, well-being, and people operations processes.

Outside of work, Hagar loves traveling, baking and creating new recipes