Delivering Top Consultants in Record Time

Jo Young | Operations Partner

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, companies often encounter critical projects and programs that require immediate attention. When time is of the essence, having access to top-tier consultants who can hit the ground running becomes paramount. At B2E Consulting we have earned a reputation for our rapid response capabilities, ensuring that our clients get the very best consultants for their projects promptly.

The Need for Speed: Our clients need help “yesterday”!

In the world of large enterprises, projects and programs can arise with little notice. Whether it’s a time-sensitive digital transformation initiative or an urgent need for specialised expertise, both Procurement and Transformation stakeholders require prompt solutions.

B2E Consulting understands the importance of delivering on time and on budget. Our clients don’t just want any consultant; they need the most suited consultants to their project needs to ensure success. The traditional “bench” model, where consulting firms have a pool of generic consultants on standby, is often insufficient to meet the specific needs of clients with diverse projects.

Unique Network for Rapid Talent Access

To address this critical requirement, B2E Consulting draws on its proprietary Community of over 20,000 talented consultants, with 4,000 – 8,000 being available at any time. Our Community comprises experts from various industries and domains, each with unique skills and experiences. Unlike the “bench” model, we don’t keep consultants on standby. Instead, we maintain a network of consultants who are actively engaged in other projects or have their own businesses.

This agile approach allows B2E to identify and mobilise the right consultant for a specific project quickly, when a client reaches out for assistance. Our internal team is different too – we are all consultants ourselves, so we can help to shape the client’s requirements and any questions or concerns the consultants may have.

Finding the right consultant (or team of consultants)

The key to B2E Consulting’s rapid response lies in our ability to swiftly assess the client’s project requirements and match them with the best consultants available. To ensure a perfect fit, B2E’s team collaborates closely with the client’s stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s objectives, scope, and challenges.

With this deep understanding, our team can identify the individuals with the necessary expertise, experience, and skill set to address the specific project needs. This focus on delivering a personalised consulting service enables us to deliver value from day one, as the chosen consultant, or team of consultants, is well-equipped to meet the challenges of the project.

Delivering results rapidly

Once the right consultant is selected, B2E Consulting supports the client onboarding process, ensuring that there are no delays in getting the consultant started to deliver. The seamless integration between the client and consultant is a testament to our commitment to efficiency and client satisfaction.

By delivering top consultants in an efficient way, B2E Consulting helps our clients to respond swiftly to project and market demands. This rapid response capability has proven to be an advantage for organisations facing urgent project requirements and has helped position us as a leading consulting firm (link to IIM results post).


B2E Consulting’s rapid response capability sets us apart as a reliable and agile partner, trusted by Heads of Procurement and Transformation at many FTSE100 companies. By having access to our Community of talented consultants and leveraging a personalised approach, B2E consistently delivers top consultants in record time.

The ability to match the right consultant with the right project swiftly helps our clients to tackle urgent initiatives and capitalise on new opportunities. As organisations continue to navigate the ever-changing business landscape, B2E’s rapid response formula will remain a valuable asset for driving success and staying ahead of the competition.

Dale McNeill

About the author – Jo Young:

Jo spent 10 years at Accenture working in the Change Management and Utilities practices, largely in the areas of Programme Management, Change Management, Implementation Planning and Execution and Call Centre management.

She now ensures that things at B2E work in the way they should.

If Jo isn’t at work, she can normally be found sitting on a horse or walking a dog.