Building on Our Foundation

Evolving Diversity and Inclusion: Building on Our Foundation

Dale McNeill | Client Partner

B2E Consulting is an Employee Owned Trust and is majority female-owned (68%). In our previous articles and discussions, we’ve explored the essence of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), delving into its significance and the strategies we’ve employed to promote it within our organisation. As we are steadily moving towards 2024, it’s time to revisit these vital initiatives of 2023 and understand how they continue to shape the future of workplaces. Let’s continue this dialogue and reflect on the progress we’ve made while charting the course for the future.

Recap: A Foundation of Inclusivity and Understanding
In our earlier articles, we emphasised the core principles of D&I. We championed the idea that true inclusion means that every individual, regardless of their background, feels valued and comfortable in their workplace. Our journey took us through the transformative power of diverse teams, emphasising the rich tapestry of perspectives and problem-solving abilities they bring.

Moreover, we delved into the concept of unconscious bias and the importance of recognising and mitigating these biases within ourselves. We emphasised that inclusivity demands a conscious effort to expand our professional horizons, and we used a simple analogy around exploring different teas on a menu, or broadening horizons to alternatives like coffee. Despite this analogy being overly simplistic, we all know that we bring unconscious bias into our daily lives with every thought process, and it is important to highlight and understand these impacts in the workplace.

We also highlighted our commitment at B2E Consulting to advance the D&I agenda, with a focus on key areas: Leadership, Understanding, Empowerment, and Programmes & Policy. Our dedication led to notable recognition and awards (including Ecovadis platinum status), further motivating us to keep D&I at the heart of our organisation.

A Continuing Journey: Where Do We Go from Here?
As we look to the future, it’s essential to recognise that our journey is far from over. While we’ve made strides in fostering an inclusive workplace, there’s still much ground to cover. Our ongoing commitment to D&I is rooted in our belief that diverse and inclusive organisations are not just more socially responsible, but they also drive innovation and creativity. One of the critical elements of our D&I strategy is promoting open and honest dialogues within our organisation. We recognise that communication is key to understanding the experiences and challenges faced by our diverse workforce. By encouraging conversations about diversity and inclusion, we can build bridges and foster greater empathy and inclusivity.

Leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping our D&I journey. We reaffirm our commitment to making D&I a business priority, with leaders setting the example and being accountable for progress. By leading by example and committing to D&I goals, we can inspire others to follow suit.

Measuring Progress: Transparency and Accountability
In our ongoing commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), transparency and accountability stand as pillars upon which our progress is built. As we delve deeper into this essential aspect of our strategy, we’ll explore why measuring progress is crucial, how we go about it, and the impact it has on our organisation.
Measuring progress in our D&I journey serves several vital purposes:

  • It allows us to assess where we stand in terms of our D&I goals; by regularly evaluating our efforts, we can identify areas of improvement and refine our strategies accordingly.
  • It holds us accountable for the commitments we’ve made. When we share our progress openly, it reinforces our commitment to our workforce, stakeholders, and the broader community
  • Measuring progress provides us with valuable data and insights. This data enables us to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources, which initiatives are most effective, and where adjustments may be needed. It also gives our clients insights into which consultants we are selecting and the benefits that bring to their wider objectives.
  • It motivates and inspires our employees and the wider B2E Community. Recognising achievements and milestones in our D&I journey encourages our team members and Community to actively participate and support our initiatives.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future with Hope
As we reflect on our journey thus far, we are buoyed by the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Our commitment to D&I is a testament to our belief in the transformative power of inclusivity. I am excited about the initiatives we have on the horizon and the lessons we can learn from the data we are gathering.

Dale McNeill

About the author – Dale McNeill:

Dale has spent the majority of his career consulting in IT Service Management, firstly with Northgate IS, then more recently with Accenture. An ITIL Expert with Cross Industry knowledge, Dale has led many consulting projects in large programmes across the IT Lifecycle. Dale joined B2E in January 2017, supporting some of our key client accounts and helping develop capabilities to support new clients, showcasing our expertise and growing our B2E community.

When not in the office, Dale enjoys going to a variety of gigs, visiting the cinema, cooking and talking to his budgie, Eric. A new addition to the family (Gus the Cocker Spaniel puppy) also keeps him busy and very fit!