Spotlight on B2E's latest graduate

Getting Involved with B2E Consulting – Spotlight on Our Newest Intern

Victoria started her journey with B2E Consulting in September 2023 in conjunction with pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Business Analytics at Hult Business School. Having recently graduated with a thesis on “Business Schools as a Business”, Victoria shares insights into her time at B2E Consulting and outlines her future plans within the organisation.

What was it that initially attracted you to B2E?

B2E Consulting was an ideal choice considering the background from which I came from. In university, I delved into a multitude of clubs and societies’ board members, playing an active part in TEDx, AIESEC, and Hult Strategic Consulting as my efforts to be involved within the community. The nature of these organisations tends towards a flat hierarchy with great degree of involvement from each member, mandating collaborative means of working to meet our goals. A large degree of freedom is granted to pursue projects we find interesting, and with that comes substantial responsibilities. In spite of this, I find such experiences exhilarating as success is driven by personal motivations that, while distinct and often times disparaging, brings the team together through the common goal of making things happen.

The small but close-knit organisational structure of B2E Consulting is an extension of my experience. As I approached the beginning of my professional career, I wanted to tangibly cultivate my skills and experience in a way that fosters learning and development in conjunction with acquaintance to established experts and their experience. I’ve had the privilege to work with the different functions within the team, from providing presentation materials and information cards for Sales to managing CSR and timesheets with Contracts. Despite the differences in each responsibility, all contribute their absolute best and converge to a single team, enabling the delivery of solutions to clients.

What have you noticed most about working at B2E?

Much of the culture in B2E Consulting is based on trust, whether it be directed to ourselves, our colleagues, or our consultants. We trust each other to exert our best efforts to deliver results in a timely manner, going above and beyond the requirements to ensure our clients are happy with the service we provide. In practice, this involves understanding our capabilities and limitations, frequent and open communication, and more importantly, a safe and constructive culture of learning and collaboration. It took a while for me to realise that it’s alright to make mistakes, as long as we spot them quickly, solve them together, and move forward to do better. Keeping your supervisors in the loop reduces the uncertainty that comes with flexible working while building relationships that last in the long-term. I find great merit in this system, as it allowed me to balance my academic and professional responsibilities while still generating work that I’m proud of.

Key takeaways

Some key takeaways that I find from my short time here is the importance of trust and working environments. Communication is often thrown around in business and organisations, but underlying its effective implementation is the trust that speaking our mind will lead to constructive outcomes. Knowing and understanding your colleagues, from their backgrounds to their working styles, is the first step towards fostering an ideal (for me, at least) working environment. Nevertheless, much of this should be attributed to the top management of B2E Consulting in creating a company that cares about their employees, and I find this reflected in the personal motivation that drives most of us in performing well beyond our duties. Learning becomes easier when support is always on hand should we need it.

What do the next few months hold for you?

Moving forward, I’d like to help B2E develop their brand identity, particularly in the context of sales towards current and prospective clients. There is a huge differential in B2E’s value proposition – building trusted relationships with clients, truly understanding the client’s problem, and finding the right people to deliver solutions. The next step would be to translate and communicate this value towards relevant stakeholders. Granted, much of these sales are about fostering relationships and building trust with clients, but hey, some pretty slides can’t hurt.